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After spending multiple years in the industry, CCP, has been able to bring together a strong team of individuals. They use their talent and skills to maximize the efficiency of the company and the quality of its products. Our team members utilize their expertise and provide key insight into the industry, meeting the company’s goals and objectives, and facilitating the implementation of successful strategies.

Stuart Morgan 


Stuart has worked in every facet of real estate investing. From financing, construction and as an investor.

Stuart has amassed a very large personal property portfolio ranging from single family, homes, apartments and commercial buildings. With several thriving and successful business's, his wealth of knowledge and experience has guided the company

in to the success it is today. 

Ryan Whitefield

Business Development

Ryan Whitefield possesses experience of over two decades of working in Real Estate Development and Construction. He, therefore, has a vast knowledge of this industry. Ryan’s exposure covers both commercial and residential ventures, both in the U.K. where he was contracted to the top five homebuilders and the U.S. where he has renovated and built over 200 homes. During his career, he has also worked on several high-profile developments in the U.S., such as Union Depot in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the newly constructed Minnesota Vikings Stadium, partnering with one of the largest contractors in the U.S. Ryan’s track record has garnered respect from fellow industry participants, further expanding and strengthening his network. The Business and project management skills that he brings are extensive and cover mission-critical areas such as cost analysis, estimating, production, project scheduling & contracts. The breadth and depth of the scope which Ryan brings, not only ensures a sound approach coupled with a calculated decision-making process but provides added confidence to all parties conducting business within each transaction.


Chief Financial Officer

James has over 30 years of experience in building and leading finance teams in domestic companies of significant operating scale and complexity. He brings invaluable expertise as a CFO with hands-on experience in asset management, property management, funding, and investment activities.

Before joining the Clearwater Capital Partners James was CFO of Vista Prairies Communities from 2002 to 2012. He was responsible for the complex finance, funding, and investment activities and profitability of 14 assisted, independent and memory care facilities, 8 skilled nursing home facilities, and 8 residential apartment buildings in various states, with an overall value of $140 million. James also acted as the project manager and provided oversight on behalf of investors on building construction of a $5 million expansion project. He improved financial stability by refinancing and selling various facilities over ten years totaling 50 million dollars of assets.

As CFO, Akin oversees the accounting, business support, financial planning and analysis, treasury, investor relations, internal audit and tax functions at CCP.


Interior Architect

As an award-winning interior architect, Jessica works with the client to ensure that each property CCP renovates, reaches its full potential, meeting today’s standards and current trends. From changing the layout to the exterior colors, Kitchen cabinets, and floor selections, Jessica ensures that every detail has been thought through. Moreover, she makes sure that space and materials are well utilized. With international experience and having worked with an array of clients and many unique ideas, Jessica is passionate about creating homes that CCP and its clients can take pride in.



Alfonso has been in the construction industry for 15 years. He has mastered his craft and learned a variety of skills after being a caretaker of 200 apartments in multiple buildings. Due to his hard work ethic, attention to detail and enthusiasm to learn, he became a real jack of all trades. Over years of reliable high-quality work, Alfonso quickly gained a good reputation and started his own crews to continue his growth and meet demand. Clearwater Capital Partners are very fortunate to have Alfonso running multiple full time crews.

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