At RAW Developments, LLC, we purchase, remodel, and then sell residential real estate. 

In case you are considering selling your house and need a quick sale, we are currently buying in Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota, and surrounding areas.

We strictly stick to cash while purchasing your house and finishing off the deal. If you accept our offer, we can seal the deal within 14 days.

We are aware that most homeowners have no clue about the options available to them beyond listing a house with a realtor or trying to sell their house privately. Therefore, we provide a unique opportunity for them to sell their house quickly.

With our team of experts, we ensure a smooth transaction and eliminate the stress of selling the traditional way.

·A fair cash offer

·No realtor commissions to pay out of your proceeds

·Closing as quick as 14 days

·We pay all title cost along with closing costs

·We are buying the home in its current condition so you don’t need to repair anything.

·No appraisal to worry about

·Eliminating bank loan restrictions that come with traditional buyers.

Selling your home to RAW Developments, LLC can offer peace of mind with a quick, no-hassle cash offer for your property.

Next steps: 

  • Enter your basic property information in to our contact page

  • We'll arrange a time to view your home.

  • Get a no-obligation, cash offer. No repairs needed.

  • If you accept - we'll buy your house quickly without any hassle.

How will RAW make me an offer?

All you need to do is enter your details in to our form, include the address, and we will contact you.

Is there any fee associated with selling my house?

Not at all. We purchase houses and are going to make you an offer without real estate agent fees or commissions.

I have to sell my house quickly. How long will it take for me to get an offer to sell my house?

Each case varies and every situation is unique, but it's not unlikely to get a cash offer as early as 24-48 hours.

But what if my house is in a condition where it needs repairs?

At RAW, LLC, we buy homes as - is, there is no need to make any repairs.

Typically, how long does it take to close?

It actually depends on the situation, and what is required to obtain a clean title, but usually we close within 7 to 14 days.

I'm lagging behind in my loan. Would I be required to make another payment?

Not at all. We usually buy homes that are in arrears, facing foreclosure, or facing other financial distress.

I am in foreclosure. Will you still be interested?

Yes, but only as long as the foreclosure has not been finalized or the bank owns it.

In case you buy my house before the bank forecloses, will I be able to save my credit?

Your home getting sold before final foreclosure will prevent a "foreclosure" from appearing on your credit report, making it better for your credit.

Will you be interested in buying my house if it's vacant?

Yes, it does not matter if you occupy it, had it rented, or if it is vacant. We will still be interested in buying.

Will you purchase my house if I have a bad tenant living there now?

Yes, it shouldn’t be an issue. We are skilled to deal with problematic tenants.

My house is currently listed for sale with a real estate agent. Can you purchase my house anyway?

Yes. You'll probably have to pay a commission to your agent, but we can still buy your home.

If I am living outside the area do I still have to come back to town for a closing?

No, you can get things sorted at your end by closing locally with a mobil notary that will be arranged by our title company. Your cheque can be mailed or deposited directly into your account.

I am in debt and owe more than the worth of my house. Can you facilitate me?

Yes. Unfortunately, this is usual and we can find a way with you and your bank through a process called a "short sale" to purchase your home.

 Frequently Asked Questions


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